South Vern Power Pass - what now?

So I’m a returning player, I’ve played on launch and got my Sorc to GS 600.
Stopped playing and with all the new classes out now I decided to come back. Been having a blast (pun intended) with the Machinist.

I usually just do PvP so I didn’t really bother so far with gear and all that. But since LA has some of the best dungeons/raids I’ve seen, it would be a shame to miss out on them. Unfortunately, I am completly lost. With PvP, I just queue up and that’s it, but for the PvE content, I have absolutely no idea what to do and where to go. I got the South Vern power pass on my Machinist, 1370 GS, 10K gold from before. The question is, what do I do now? Where should I start?

I also don’t mind investing some money, if that helps. I just need a general direction :expressionless:
Some help would be appreciated!

basically you do daily content like chaos dungeons and guardian raids to get honing materials (honor shards, great honor leapstones, crystallized guardian and destruction stones) to upgrade your gear from +6 further to a maximum of +20, you can get gold needed to upgrade and buy all sorts of stuff from doing the abyss dungeon airas oculus and oreha preveza on hard mode and from doing all 3 gates of argos, once you reach +15 (item level 1415) on all your gear you are able to enter the first legion raid (valtan normal) and at item level 1430 (all +16) vykas normal, at 1445 (all +17) you can start doing valtan hard, and so on with different legion raids / difficulties

at 1445 item level you unlock the ability to craft relic gear (weapon and armor) which has very strong unique effects and makes your class alot stronger

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So for now, it’s pretty much just honing gear? Thanks, that’s actually helpful :slight_smile:

yea and you can read a guide on maxroll for your class to know what sort of build you are looking for in pve content starting from combat stats, over engravings and gems, the build on relic gear (after 1415) is largely made by buying the necessary accessories off the market after cutting an ability stone

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another important part of game is horizontal content, or to be more precise, skill points and runes, you should look which runes you need for your build and start working on acquiring them, for skill points, there are many different sources and you want them all. Also, add Anguished Island to your daily grind, boss there is notorious to take many tries to give Omnium Star + you can buy 2 leg books there

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I can’t read.

Hone to 1430 as soon as humanly possible though.