South Vern Quest Text is Breathtakingly Bad

It appears that the translations were done in an afternoon by someone who is not used to writing so much, or writing at all. Stuff like Avele being referred to as “he”, “conscious” instead of “conscience”, and Bellen, who thinks her name is “Velen”.

The writing reminds me of the kind of stuff you get in fan-translated Russian visual novels. Feiton wasn’t great, either, (Margo being called “he”) but South Vern is truly awful. There’s nothing about this that tells me Amazon takes their work seriously. I’ve played well-translated Korean MMOs, like Aion and TERA. This game’s localization is nowhere near that league. It’s a shame.


Some of it’s barely English.

The translation for Lance Master is similarly different from what they launched with. To the point I am reasonably sure AGS farmed out the translation work to a different group entirely. They don’t use the same terms for stagger severity, fail to mention adding energy waves to attacks, etc. It is a notable drop in quality.