South Vern - Unable to load character after crash

Today I decided to try out the new South Vern content.
Everything was going well until my game crashed and I attempted to log back onto my character.
Now when I select my Glavier, the loading screen slowly gets to 25% and the game closes.
I’m able to log onto my alts that are not located in South Vern.
So to me, and based on other threads I’ve read, this seems like it’s strictly an issue with the South Vern area.
I’m guessing a character movement would solve this issue.
Maybe just toss me back in Punika or Vern Castle?

My Glavier is on Danube and is named Castitia.

Hi @onyxnotfound, welcome to Lost Ark forums, I hope you are having a great day.

I’m sorry to read about this situation provide me some minutes while I move your character to a different location, I’ll be back when is done.

Thanks for the patience!! :sparkles:

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@onyxnotfound I was looking for your character but I couldn’t find it, can you help me with some information please, like the server and region that you are at and if you remember the character lvl it would be awesome too.

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Weird… I’ll provide some screenshots.


@onyxnotfound I already move your character, can you please Check and run a Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files, before open the game again.

Thanks for the patience. :sparkles:

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Validating Steam Files now.
I did just receive a message, which I assume was due to you accessing my account and moving my character.
Hopefully I’m not banned.


Sorry for that, is just part of the process, your account should be totally fine :sweat_smile:

Let me know if it works.

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Thank you!
Able to access my character now.
I’ll stay out of South Vern until the next update I guess?

I really appreciate your quick replies and actions!

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I’m glad to read that it works, you can always try to go, if it happens again just come back and I will help you :hugs:.
or you can just wait and keep an eye on the official news section for any updated regarding this issue.

Enjoy the lands of Arkesia :mage:

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