South Vern Unlock Quest missing

As the title says, on my Main character I am missing the Quest needed to unlock South Vern as a region.

I have double-checked if I have it hidden by accident, but I do not.
My alt with 1340 iLvL has the quest, my main with 60 ilvls higher does not, for whatever reason.
Is this a bug, if not please let me know how I can get the quest on my Main because unless I’m mistaken there isn’t a requirement past iLvL.

If you know where the initial quest starts it will just be there. I had the same thing happening to my alt. It’s a light blue quest mark at the Magick Society in Vern Castle.

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I assume it’s the quest “Engraved Distrust”? If yes then this was the solution.

Yes it is.

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