Spain is joining Belgium and Netherlands on the lootbox fight

Here in Spain lootboxes will be prohibited on videogames soon,they are gonna be considered a pathological behaviour, that will mean we couldn’t play Lost Ark anymore?

you can play, you just cant buy it from shop
-some correction, it depends on what they decide to do about it, either allow you to buy the skins with just money, or not being able to buy it at all
they can even remove the game from steam store for said countries if they wanna go the easy way and not bother with creating a system for this problem, some games do that

We NEED more countries to join this! It’s an emergency!

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would be nice but then the next problem would be companies charging 100$ for 1 piece of the skinset

And if it was with lootbox it would be ~500$
At least you know what you get and 100% chance to get it.

Agreed. Lootboxes are essentially gambling for things that can be sold at an affordable price. This is preying on people and especially worse on those that are incapable to resist the urge. I’m pro choice most of the time but this… yea this has no upsides. Just a greedy design with hidden probability percentage. It destroyed World of Warship’s dolphin base and it will destroy LA’s too.

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My country dont care where you spending your money as long as there is taxes.