Spam Bots easy fix?

Hey, quick idea and question are bots also playing the game or just creating new accounts to spam with low level virtual recently created characters? would it not be an easy fix/solution if only the problem is recently idle characters spamming the global chat * to simply disable global chat features in the game until you reach a certain milestone in the game?* i know it might be linked to all social aspects of the game but in that case seperate it leave a party chat option and groupplay and such to new player+friends just no global chat before that milestone reached? bots might turn into whipering people even more so maybe also denie that option until certain milestones or make people add each other with valid certifications only until that? well great game rly got me hooked but the honing % cringes hard ;D

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There are bots as far as T3 now. They are everywhere… EVERYWHERE! We can’t limit them. We can’t stop them. This game will soon be all bots! Bow before your bot overlords!

Uh, I mean. All that will do is make the late-game bots go to the earlier zones and make the early bots run their scripts to become late-game bots. Idk.