Spam mail from gold seller

I have started getting in-game spam mails from gold sellers advertising their websites. There is no way to block them, since they come from a different server. Is there anything we can do to block them or report them (I cannot ctrl + click on their names in the in-game mail to report)?

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Hey @Valandur!

I’m sorry to hear you’re getting those annoying gold selling spam mails.

Ignore them completely, and do not accept any items attached to them, at least while we find a more premanent solution to this.

If you couldn’t report the player in-game for whatever reason, you can submit a report here:

Once the report is submitted our dedicated team will look into it and take actions accordingly.

Tag me here for anything else, and stay safe!


I am having the same problem and so are many people (all of my guild for example). There is no in-game CTA to report or even simply block them, and rewriting their names is extremely tedious and easy to mess up considering that their names are strings of random characters.

We also appreciate the feedback on this topic, and have raised that a feature to block folks via mail would be helpful.


Same here. The game should really allow players to block people via mail also.

@Roxx Why is there no option to prevent mail from people not on friend list? It had to be known just from New World how pervasive the gold sellers would be. I hate the “ignore them” part as well since after first week had my ignore list at the max of 100. I already have a hard enough time getting to play on West region in evening because of queues but bots seem to be having no problem then I log in to see mail that I can’t even just delete since that button doesn’t work and I have to open and delete individually.

you suggested previously blocking bots but when i did this in-game it was limited to a list of 100 names. is the mail system going to hold more than 5000 names to be blocked? how about they create a whitelist based on guildmembers, friends list… i dont have the patience to block 5000 names

up, please take a look at this problem

Every day I am getting 2 + email spam on all my characters, is it getting super annoying.

Just go to vern for 1 sec. You’ll get like 10 mails in less then 5 mins…