Spanish translation

Hello Heroes of Arkesia.

I have a very important question, is this the final version of the translation?

Although the voice acting is excellent, the translation of the UI, menus, quest and skills isterrible. Things that mean the opposite (or enemies that get bonuses for your skills), interface buttons that don’t make sense, emotes with differents names in quests… In short, a translation made by someone who is not a native speaker (or worst, an automatic translator), and it is obvious. It’s not one or two things, the game is full of bad translations and adjustments of the translation of the game variables with the text.

This is my main problem with the game, which is otherwise great.

PS: Sorry for my English, but that’s why I’m worried about the Spanish version of the game.

I see a few errors in translation, for example the bard skill “March” is translated as “Marzo”, the month, intead of “Marcha” the type of running.