Speakers not working

I am able to hear the game when I have my headphones plugged in, but when I try the desktop audio, I cannot hear a thing. It is weird because the speakers are clearly working, and I have them selected, but no noise comes out of the game. Please help

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Hello! Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

Congratulations on your first post! I’m sorry to hear about you having sound issues while using your speakers as an output. This is really odd, as it does work well on your headphones…

As a first troubleshooting, I would recommend that you try to Verify Files Integrity
In order to to that, go to your Steam Library and Right Click on the Lost Ark Title > Properties > Go to the Local Files Section > Then run the “Verify integrity of game files” check. If this does not work, let me ask some probing questions:

Do you change your audio output source after or before launching the game?

Thank you for your patience! I’ll be here lurking for the answers!



Hi @iancanegame and welcome to the official Lost Ark forums.

distantefix has given you some good advice and is a great place to start.

If the “verify files” does not work then please do come back here and we can further discuss the problem,
To that end it sounds to me like you’re on a laptop ?
If you don’t mind and are still having issues can you please let us know the make/model of the laptop so we can do things like check the laptops documentation for possible BIOS changes.

Good Luck :+1:

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Hello! Thank you very much for your help!

I verified the integrity of my game files and the audio still did not work when I launched the game.

Also, I select the audio device at the bottom right of the screen before I launch the game.

Thank you!

Hi @mick437, thank you very much for your help! It is much appreciated.

I actually do not have a laptop. I have a pre-built gaming pc. Not sure if that helps.

Thank you!

Hi @iancanegame, sorry to hear you are still experiencing problems. Let’s see if we can get this sorted for you.

You have confirmed that the speakers work in your OP so I won’t ask that.
The Desktop machine is easier to work with than a laptop because the OS will have set a few things differently on a laptop and it’s allot harder to work on the hardware on a laptop.

Can you please load up the game and go into the Audio Setting and take a screenshot that you can post here so we can see what is going on in that window please.


Hi @mick437 , so I actually found the problem. I selected the windows key + g because it said online I can do that to create a screen shot. That window popped up and for some reason the audio mix had the volume for Lost Ark all the way down. Once I turned the volume slider up for Lost Ark, the volume in game worked fine.

Thanks again for your time and help! It is very much appreciated!

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Excellent work @iancanegame, I’m glad you got it sorted out.

Nice stuff, Enjoy LA now :smiley:

Hello everyone!

Thanks a lot for the help @mick437 ! This was sure all great advice, and something to check out when having similar issues to the one at hand!

@iancanegame I’m glad that you were able to find what was causing the issue! It’s always a good idea to check the volume mixer when having sound issues!


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