Special Anniversary stronghold structure

I really like idea for rewarding loyal players but it is not little to extreme requirement for it?
Log in nonstop for 365 days? I am quite active LA player, I have more than 2.2k play time hours but I certain I don’t have 365 consecutive days. And I am sure there is players with way more play time with same thing. Could count actual play time or at least give some ‘‘jail free’’ days for holidays emergency stuff.

Well, it’s ONLY for the real gigachads bro


While i’m ok with it being super strict, I’m ready for some people who left their lost ark on for days in a row and that not counting as “logging in” :clown_face:

No rewards for casuals.

If count my playtime between 365 days, I played more than 6h per day, if that is not loyal player then I don’t know what to say :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Not enough. Upload your consciousness into the game next time

Is there a way to check your streak?

on steam you can, not sure how.

Don’t worry bruh, it’s just a Stronghold Structure…

Even if you got it, no one would see it anyway

just watch it come with 10% crafting cost reduction and +10% great success chance

I missed one day outside of their exceptions because it was the day my granddaughter was born. Oh well.

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What if it’s brelshazas foot tho? :joy::joy:

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Oh yeah I am not loyal either with 4k hours but my friend is with 1,6k hours, makes sense


There will be no reward due to maintenance which lasted over a day, so nobody will be able to get 365 days log in.

It literally says on the screen, which days with maintenance will be excluded.

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