Special event - express mission

to finish the express mission, we have to do both Abyssal Dungeons in normal and difficult mode. I started the express mission yesterday. But to do both i need 2 weeks because of reset. Unfortunately the mission ended the 16 after weekly reset.
Does it means that i can’t finish the mission ? Or only the activation from the mission has to be done before the 16.11 ?

The event will finish on that date, so more likely is that you can’t complete it :confused:
Just my two cents tho, I can’t say for sure

If you have the ilvl to do hardmode do that one first, i dont remember for sure but maybe it automatically ticks NM if you do HM.

It does not. Essentially if you JUST started the pass this week, then your out of luck. Honestly the pass has been out for quite a while now so starting it 5 days before it expires is kinda on the player.

I did HM but it did not validate the nm :frowning:

Then tough luck :confused: Take advantage of the events as soon as possible dont wait until last week :confused:

The mission can be started till the 15.11. To be fair, you can give one week more. Or next time do not put mission they must be done in 2 weeks.

From patchnote, so i’m not so sure that you won’t be able to complete it next week, but maybe it’s a typo :confused:

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