Special Structure. Miss one day in an entire year and you missed out

So if you missed out a single day of login in the entire first year, with the few exceptions of specific dates of long maintenances, you don’t get this structure now. And you have to get 365 consecutive days so from the day you didn’t log in the count restarts.
Are you guys serious with this??


Its just for the loyal players bro, if you are not loyal you don’t get the reward

Is there any way to check if you missed a day?

Can’t remember exactly if I logged everyday.

In Germany we say: “Mimimimi”

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Sorry mom. I cancel X-mas this year. Can’t visit coz my game is more important than you, x-mas, Jesus birthday or any other holidays we used to gather as a family.

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oh hell nah what are we going to do without the stronghold structure

what about trial achates first clear title? you cant get that either anymore and its arguably more of a display than a sh structure

does structure increase power?

+10 ilvl and +10 Honing Luck

It gives you full +20 brel gear for one of your characters and 1m gold

Who cares its just a structure?

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I was in a hospital and still managed to login every day (for daily rewards). Just install Geforce Now, wait a bit in a queue if you have free account, tap a few buttons, you are in, logout, you are done.
You can even play somewhat OK-ish if you have controller, otherwise just use touch screen to close the game.

If that is too much for you, then you simply do not deserve that structure that most people won’t care about anyway. I guess you can ragequit now, babyrage.

It does really seem like a terrible, terrible idea.

So they have the login reward tracks where it’s ok to miss a couple, but logging in every single day for and entire year without interruption is an insane amount of FOMO.

People traveling for holidays, stuck in a power outage, family emergency – all get a giant middle finger like this.

The requirements have to be more forgiving.


This achievement should be by hours instead……

I feel bad for the people actually get this reward…

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why yall want an achievement for perfect attendance when u skipping…?? families and holiday excuse.

those people that has perfect attendance u think they dont have famlies… ?

i just dont get it… why yall want something that… unexplainable

yall life is more sad than people that never touch grass.

almost 3k hours played. just because i got covid and miss a few days i missed this structure. :rofl:

Everyone comes with family, friends, RL etc, but change your point of view for a bit, 1 day is not enough, there were more than 1 day, where their maintenance was extended into the afternoon/night which caused for me to not be able to play on that day, it was NOT my fault that I couldn’t log in, it was theirs.

It should be at least 5 days, or as someone already mentioned it, forget about days, you should get the stucture after playin x hours thoughout the whole year, that would be more fair towards your players imo.
Please reconsider that 1 day and change it! Unfair!

Ye - this is how a game company sends out a clear message about what they want from their players… Great way to alienate the majority and normal real-life players and reward behavior that should be classified as sickness really.

Not a hard choice to walk away from this game after seeing “rewards” as this added instead of rewarding healthy gaming habits.


Why are you fomo-ing yourself over this ? It’s just a damn structure, to prove you’re a no lifer in this game ? And it’s not like everyone gonna go through all that trouble to get in your SH and see it, now the mount thing on the other hand, the ball thingy, that is something everyone can see and it will not return , if you want to fomo, fomo over that.

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