Spect BARD vs Swiftness BARD?

High ilvl bard alt here, Swiftness bards are the best(if you minmax) but me as an alt will go with spec WAY more cheaper than swiftness and a little loss in overall.

From the bard bible itself, the only time spec bards are better in buffs is when the fight is like 2 mins long. Where there’s only 1 burst and you call it a day.

Or any fight longer than that the consistency and uptime of buffs becomes more important.

So anyone that tells you spec is better, the only way it is better is if

  1. Your fight is 2 mins long which is never, or anything meaningful
  2. It’s better in a financial sense

The KR builds thing:
They mostly stop building swift after a certain point because it makes no sense to stack swift into the moon. Keep in mind they gave bracelets as well. From what I’ve seen, the general ballpark for swift is like 1400 1500 ish. Technically you can stop swift at a out 1250 or so because you’d be “close enough” to movement cap. But for comfy people stack 1 more swift piece. So with the next set of accessories, it is very common to get 1 spec piece. Because at this point you have movement cap, you have good cds, you have good animations, a tad more spec just builds your bar faster which is nice.

Despite the description of spec generating more meter. Swiftness and spec build identify at about the same rate because Swiftness has lower cool downs. Spec can generate meter significantly faster if you drop the shield on your wind music and go with super speed or bwang bwang.

Imo spec is only really worth for hell mode with super speed, a gunlancer to help with the lack of shields and really good players.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter for normal/hard mode content.

Swiftness feels so much more fluid and fun to play , I see no reason to go spec, you are only making your gameplay more clunky

Spec/swiftness build is better for different classes in your party.

Spec is better for igniter sorcs.
Swiftness is better if you have a surge db.

Just naming some examples.

I also run one spec ring, so not quite full swift. I did it because it was a drop i got, 5/3 awakening/desp salvation… and those are super expensive so i planned to use it until i got a swift one. But i actually think it works a bit better. I have plenty enough cd reduction, and might see more mp issues if i had more swift.

I also play hybrid Bard!! And I LOVE HER and the gameplay <3

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Wow some really wild theories in here. Probably generated by “insert influencer/discord gigachad’s name here”.

I keep seeing people choosing 1 thing to dictate what would make one bard focus greater than the other without thinking about the big picture.

First let’s look at our Bards in KR with access to significantly greater gear and why they would balance swift vs spec that way. Because at a point swiftness begins to have diminishing returns once you have access to those gear levels, all lvl 10 CD gems, etc. What good is being able to recast heavenly tune any faster than it’s buff duration. We’ve also capped movement speed with set bonus’s.

People keep saying, well if your group is really good you should be running Spec to maximize dps windows without any need for constant shielding. Sure if your group has mastered the content and wants to run this build…Great!. If you want to keep separate sets for prog vs farm content great! Simply put, Swift sets utilizing healing/shielding engravings are better all-rounders. If you’re running Spec because you play with god gamers…I hope you’ve also dropped salv, expert. Just like for hell modes they wouldn’t be necessary right? So you’d run something like EE, HA, SA, Awake, Drops ideally. It’s just not realistic for every day content, nor is it really greater to keep multiple sets of gear when the only berserks that need this focus uses book of coordination.

This is why most bards will prefer swift builds. Not that it’s better or worse just more universally viable across any level of content EXCEPT hell modes (and even then there are swift builds that are more than acceptable in Hell based on comp and dps output.)

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