Spectator Mode QoL (while dead)

Three things I’d really like to be able to do while spectating after dying in a raid:

  1. Ability to ping
  2. Ability to pass leader
  3. Ability to use keybound emotes

Ability to ping while spectating

This is especially useful when doing clown gate 3 bingo for example, it’s really hard to communicate where to place the next bomb if you were in charge of strategizing the bombs and then you die.

Ability to pass leader while spectating

If I was raid leader and died, I might spectate for a while before passing lead because the sidereal meter isn’t high enough, so if I pass lead early we might wipe anyway and waste time asking for them to pass lead back. So usually I’ll pass later when it gets closer; however, in order to do that I have to stop spectating, pass lead, and then spectate again.

Ability to use keybound emotes

I love all the cute emoji and I really want to be able to use my [YouCanDoIt] emoji to cheer on my teammates while I’m dead. But if I’m spectating then I can’t use my keybind for the emoji and I can either type [YouCanDoIt] and then press ENTER or I can stop spectating and use the hotkey… would be great if I could still use my hotkeys while spectating!


I can see why you’d want these ideas implemented and I think these would make great QoL updates. I will forward your idea to the Dev team to review & I look forward to what other players think of these suggestions. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :blush:

If the dead people start pinging me and spamming emotes while I try to carry them I’m leaving lol…just saying xD

I mean they can spam emotes and ping while alive too but yeah that’s definitely something that could happen if they’re annoying.

Thank you for providing valuable feedback!

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idk about the whole emote thing while dead, i can understand the pings especially for bingo but if you want an easy trick for that you can do callouts like say next bomb place a-4 then after can be at c-1 just a tip that can help you and many others out
image below to help visualize

Chess Notation

Yeah but people might not know which side is B in BINGO and which side is 1 in 12345. I.e. you could say B1 and they might think it’s either top corner or left corner.

Clown is just an example but would be great to be able to ping for anything like if you’re shotcalling regular mechs.

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Regarding 2:

Better Solution: Ability to designate someone who is allowed to sidereal if leader is dead.
Maybe even 2-3 ppl.

Regarding 3:
I wish Emotes were completly deactivated for dead ppl - nothing worse than some dead dude spamming emotes into important chat (especially in Vykas - really nice when the flexes have to scroll in order to see which orb they need to take…)

Feel like designating people is a little overkill personally whereas the QOL change I’m suggesting is likely a lot simpler since it’s already in the game and just needs to be turned on for spectator mode. I feel like there would be a lot of logistics to work out with the designations that kind of paradoxically prove it not so useful. For example, how many people would you designate as backup leaders? Only 1? Only 2? What about if they all die? Do you rank everyone in designation order? Otherwise how many in 4 or 8 man content can you designate? And then is that really any faster to coordinate than simply stopping observation and manually passing? Feel like it introduces more pain than ease IMO.

Regarding emotes that’s a decent point but feel like if they were gonna spam emotes while dead then they can still do that while alive. Also currently they can still spam emotes if they stop observing. So don’t think it’s completely relevant to what I’m asking, but maybe a clean way to benefit my POV while still addressing your concern could be to introduce some game settings options to better control or mute people’s emotes & pings in general.