Speedhack? No mount

Hey, started leveling on EUW and noticed something, there are more people running as fast as mounting speed than there are people actually using mounts. Anyone else noticed something similar?

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Yes in reaction to the area chat until 30 block we are now seeing hundreds if not thousands of bots on every server in every channel speed hacking, teleporting their way to lvl 30 to carry on gold selling spamming and selling gold for real money.

Even lvl 50’s…

So restricting chat to lvl 30 did a whole bunch of nothing.

Oh no wait it restricted real players from talking in an MMO, it did do that real well.

Tried to report some of them but they are to fast


I think I managed to report about 20+ today there are everywhere all the time especially 30 and below zones.

Its insane.

Yeah, noticed it in the earlier zones, I am now at Lakebar and here it really increased, so many berserkers speedhacking

seen like 10 different ones now in 10 minutes oO

The only way to stop this is to take action against bot direcly not disabling some utils of the game.

They will use other things to overpass restrictions.

so many. it’s near impossible to farm collectibles, hundreds of beserkers bots just swarming the zones killing everything before i can get to it.

Looks like anti-cheat is not so easy

Did notice this as well, as I am sitting at the main base in Salt Flats, just watching berserker after berserker pass through fence and shield outside on the left hand side.

Tried reporting some of them as well, but at this point, whats the point…

Yeh, there is so many of them so reporting them would be a fulltime job

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lol, while chopping down a tree 4 of them came running by

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There are definately speedhackers. I will report every single one of them that I see…

A very Quick search on google finds results for speedhacking and attackspeed hacks.

not sure how that gets past server cheat detection.

Please Take Action!

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Yes, the bots have literally taken over the servers. I reported over a dozen Beserkers running faster than my mount at Zag Fort yesterday. It was obscene, clipping through walls, one shotting mobs, just awful and looks horrible for the game when this is allowed to happen. At this point I would not even mind doing a captcha to prove I was human every hour to prevent bots or 2 factor authentication. Just do something! anything!

I’m out until they do something about it. Shame as I find the game itself somewhat enjoying

Is any action being taken on this? its crazy!

I had a Gold-Seller in North-Vern!

They are progressing further and further…

Judging from the past in amazon business decisions, they probably working with chinese bots in exchange for a fake playerbase to boost their numbers… Ok maybe I,m a bit harsh, but Im only an average IT guy, and I can think of validations that could be easily made without costing a lot of performance to at least slow them a bit… I Hope they will act soon