Speedhacking in arena

This is getting severe these days, if you queue on a non-peak time, like monday afternoon (i’m not going to say why this time specificly, but there’s a reason). There’s one hacker every 3 matches.

I played 5 today just for guild quest and at least 2 games has a hacker, there’s one striker that has 0 cd on his phoneix (plus i play wardancer, i know the speed difference), and another zerker, who’s gounrdshake is faster than anything.

Seriously, is AGS doing anything about that? like Anything?


Nope, nothings going to get done.

They can’t be detected because Easy Anti Cheat is a joke of a program. The only solution is to record cheating fvckers and report them via ticket


well i’m specially concerned about this since 1. normally people don’t record their games, the recording would take a ton of disk spaces and quite a bit of resources. 2. Without systemetical solutions, it’ll be hard to distinguish the more sublte cheaters.

Actually i have a tremondous concern about the subtle cheaters. If you see a sorc dropping all skills in the blink of an eye, you can easily spot it’s cheating and admit the defeat being abnormal and not your fault.

However, the sublte cheaters are doing everything pseudo legitmately at a glance, just all its skill goes out 50% faster and he has infinite amount of ability to follow up with.
I play like 4 classes in arena so i can notice it when it comes to those classes, but for anyone that doens’t play the class, he doesn’t know what’s the dynamics. Especially for new players, if he meet 2 cheaters in the same hour, probably he’ll just give up on pvp, because he doesn’t know that’s an abnomality. Especially when the subtle cheaters would pretend to be playing legitmately and troll(which is quite common).

As this trend goes on, you’d have more and more subtle cheaters that pretends to be legit and skillful, plus less and less new players in pvp, the whole thing will soon decline into a clownfeast.

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i met another sorc with almost instant skills. This hack is so old and still in the game :frowning:

take it like a chance, learn to play vs hacker and learn the sorcerer kit. After when u will play against a “normal” sorcerer, u are going to destroy them so easyli.
The problem is always player like u, looking to find excuse when they loose. Game is balanced and all is good.

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I like you, plz keep being you.

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i don’t know how it all become personal and we are suddenly talking about losing excuses and somehow learning from cheats???

So i play wardancer against a striker, both of us used phoneix, and he phoneixed again when mine is only halfway through CD, how is that an oppotunity to learn anything?

What kind of useful knowledge you can get in that match up, when his skills is so fast that turns all the skill priority the opposite way?

it was ironic dude, some person on this forum give only this type of answer…
i agree with u, but i think amazon and smilgate are not going to do anything.

My bad for taking it literally then, D

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I’ve only seen it once and it was a sorc using all long cast skills (doomsday, etc) except they were all insta cast.

it’s apparent on Sorc, there’re other cheaters but it’s harder to realise unless you are paying close attention.

The sorc cheaters on the other hand, just pop in and unload everything so everyone sees it.

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Once I saw a gunlancer speedhacking, only once.

Start recording it and posting what it looks like.

this game is a joke.
huge imbalance between classes, speed hack, op shields and DR.
pvp in this game have a lot of potential which is being wasted by simple things that could but aint being done.

Yeah, it’s surprising how each of these issues all building up the pressure on PVP gameplay. And accumulatively making it very frustrating.

TBH, i was thinking it’s berable when looking at each individual issue, but when you encounter all of em in one evening, god the amount of frustration…

I just fought a match with 1 striker, 1 zerker and 1 sorc. all of them speed hacking.
instant casts for sorc, no stand up CD or CD at all for the striker and the zerker was way faster than usual.
the previous match was with 1 pala with lots of shields, almost never wear off shields and he was using quite often as well. my team damage was trash because of that. I swear, shields in pvp is very op in this game.

Yup, I’ve seen this among Sorcs and DBs. Insanely fast dmg combos. Virtually no space in between push/para-immune. I play both in pvp, they are not that fast and there are decent delays in-between certain combos.