Spell Queue / Batching

there’s no reason to have a game in 2022 that doesn’t have proper spell queueing or spell batching

pounding the keys on your keyboard frantically is not good gameplay

the game should know to cast the spell you have hotkeyed if you are holding the spell and it comes off cooldown or the spell before it finishes casting

this is especially noticeable on “holding” spells because you are in-fact supposed to hold the key down, not mash it like a gibbon that drank a 12 pack of red bull

please join everyone else in 2022 smilegate

[edit] - i sense there’s some confusion on what this means. so this is how it works in other games. you “tap” the button. for 0.500 seconds after the release of that button, the spell remains in queue and will fire if there was another ability blocking it during the tap, or it was itself on cooldown

if you “hold” the button. it will count as firing the spell as soon as no other spell is blocking it from firing or the spell itself comes off cooldown.

what this does is level the playing field for people with bad ping, and prevent the terrible gameplay “feel” that is the spell being off cooldown when you’re already holding the button and the game doing absolutely nothing

And then all of a sudden you have three abilities in the queue, Valtan goes into the do not attack phase and you wipe the party.

Nope. Most skills (if played well) are situational

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if you have the button held down, it casts. if you don’t it’s not in queue anymore