Spending more time removing features

Missing the week of guild and pirate stuff let alone guardians and chaos because no chest piece drop. Play the game for 5 minutes and then come back again tomorrow cause you cant do anything else besides window shop every vendor with 1302 required to purchase. why is there no trade-able gear to alleviate this? Great thinking to give us a bare bones, no quality of life version of the game.

no pet farm, no skin crafting, no UI adjustments for buffs, no honing buff, and even 4 months after release, completely blocking players from playing their characters in the new tier, because of chaos dungeon RNG. Spending time stripping our client of things like summoner and skin crafting is more important than addressing the game play loop offered.

Then you also “hype” the new content with a picture of Summoner and Reaper - more details to come before the update! - good one.

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log in for weekly reset, do 2 more chaos, still no chest piece - I still cant play my new t3 character for another day. no unas no guardians no clearing out weekly vendors. 6 minutes of gameplay and then “blocked” . fun stuff.

So you already finished all the horizontal content? Good for you.

this is my sixth character, the fact that I can do nothing to progress is the problem. When your first character is there, sure, you might have plenty of horizontal left to do, but any amount of time or resource I spend with my roster, I can’t progress. it’s a flawed system.

This is where they ask for game feed back, so that’s what I posted. just go back to area chat if you need somewhere to be sarcastic.

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If you done with everything, you do your daily and weekly activities, and after can play with other games, or do what you like :slight_smile: These are not my words, Gold River told that.