Spent money 30 days ago, have steam guard, cant trade

What is going on here, first the patch notes say I can trade if a trusted account initiates, that was complete bullshit. Then weeks later the fix comes in and does nothing but allows the trade window to be opened but still nothing. Now Ive jumped through your 30 day spending cash in a free to play game and still untrusted even though steam literally says “IM TRUSTED”. Who is in charge here?

Many ppl experiencing this it seems, very weird considering the reason it was implemented was to stop bots, clearly it failed miserably. They should really just revert this, its fucking over normal players not the target.

So I thought maybe there was a day delay or something and had my hopes up again only to be let down. I put money on my account on March 26th when this “anti bot” LOL feature was announced. Im a console gamer so I dont have a long standing steam account, I knew I was going to be limited. Now fast forward 31 days and the account still cant trade or use mail. What am I supposed to do, this is so infuriating while seeing thousands of bots still thriving in their illegal business while Im reading new anti bot features inbound tonight that will surely fuck over normal players even worse while likely mildly inconveniencing gold seller. My steam account says its trusted look at the screenshot above. Ive got purchase over 30 days old, what else do I need to do? Has anyone figured this out, why is no ne responding to this. Im not the only one theres a month old post with hundreds of posts about this with a yellow response 29 days old about looking into it, cant be that hard fellas cmon.