Spida Island no longer possible

So i just went to spida island and there were 0 people there. How am i supposed to do it alone?
This whole island needs a rework. Remove all the restrictions and reduce the amount of eggs we need to mine before a boss appears so we could be able to solo it.



The issue with adventure islands becoming impossible to complete due to player counts is something I’ve reported to the team.


Yes that is good. But most of the other islands are soloable except for this. (Which is also by the way needed for free wei card achievement. I have done it in the past but that never counted for me.

I think spida is soloable but you need high mining skill for bombs. But i agree that adventure islands require a huge rework, especialy pvp ones like illusion

lowest i’ve seen it done with is 3 with bombs, it used to take a full island of people before we had bombs xD. but definitely not solo

Please include Sailing Co-ops, co-ops for achievements such as Revelry Row, and generally all in-game co-ops in that report. Thank you!

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I think they increased the difficulty to complete the island…before it would take 4-5 bombs for one shell break, I just ran one and it took 6-7 bombs for one shell break.

EUW Needs Region Merge

i been trying for days to do Spida island to get the wei card, but i just cant find people. I think they should rework all the Coop world content and make it that scale depending on how many players are in the instance, I can’t imagine the experience of new/returning players trying to do islands or events, it must be depressing. Like what is the point of having content in the game that is completely obsolete after 1 year, this wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t need that content to complete collectibles and stuff, so yeah that’s just a bad game design

Is not soloable, also the boss is pretty hard to kill because they nerf your stats

It is pretty much doable. Just call you guild (wild card). It can be finished quickly

Does the egg’s life scaling with number of people too? It doesn’t seem to. :T

Why not make these islands to event islands too for gold, cards, silver? It will help people who need the island heart, and we have more variations and not all time the same boring islands.


Islands that are difficult to clear with few players such as Spida, Death Hold, Illusion, etc should be added to the daily adventure island rotation that rewards legendary-rare card packs, sea coin chest, gold.

This may help people comeback/clear these islands for the collectables that are rng hidden behind them

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This is The best idea this is really good!

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I wish the egg’s life scales with number of players. I can’t do it on SA server since there’s no one doing it.

We had a recent patch to reduce some of them, like Death’s Hold, to 4 players, but Spida is pretty hard. Mining bombs help, but you need at least a few people with it and there’s no incentive to go back there once you get map+soul like I have, so it should be made such that a person with mining bombs can complete it solo.

It wouldn’t hurt to give out a hint about using mining bombs on the egg, too, like one of the sidereal popups we get during other mechs, but I think most people know that by now.

anyone remember the days when the islands where full of people? now its a wasteland, great MMO experience. They should rather implement something so its still worth doing them

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