Spida Island - Sea Bounty

Can someone tell me the drop rate of this stupid item? I am very tilted that I run this zone 3-4 times a day for months and it has yet to drop.

The drop rate is 100% for the person next to you who just visited Spida for the first time on a whim

This is tested and verified


The drop rate is 50%, you either get it or you don’t

No idea about the actual drop rate but I know it’s absolutely atrocious. The drop definitely exists though. After 2+ months of chasing it on and off, I finally got it a while ago.

I wish coop island tasks scaled with number of players. Going to Spida during quiet hours is a nightmare when there aren’t enough bombers.

Same with Forpe. I have 87 Island Souls, every single Adventure Island on the Procyon except Forpe. I’ve run Forpe probably over 100 times by now.

It’ll drop next time, Trust.

Alakkir and Spida were real buggers as well. Nowadays very few people run the old Field Bosses or non reward islands like Illusion, Unknown, DH, Spida, etc. I feel bad for anyone trying to still complete any horizontal content these days.

Well you are almost right… We needed a few more people for Death’s hold, they said they would help if could help them with spida if we got done in time. I had only been there one time and that was months ago. I went to help them and I not only got the soul but the map at the same time. Ya some people did not really like that :slight_smile:

Forpe was easy for me.
I don’t remember exactly how many tries but I got soul first, then map (not at once)
With Alakkir it’s also soul first then map. Takes pretty long to get the map as I pretty much go everyday for Una task.

The one that doesn’t drop is Wamrpugis (??) the island near Rohendel. Its dungeon is so long and I face disappointment every time I complete it.

I got both map and soul at once, on my 5th try I believe.

yes can confirm, i’m that guy, and i got it all on my 1st run on spida :

this is not photoshopped, and it’s true story bro

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Ahhh Spida, the funnest things to do, along with unknown monkeys and kamikaze chicken island…

I also still don’t have Lullaby Map… then again I am not running it every day but yesterday we were three and one of us got it. the whole player number requirement to do horizontal content needs to go though…

Well, i can see why. It is frustrating to do the same island over and over again and no drop and them someone gets it from first or second try.
But congratz nonetheless

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