Spirit bomb +3bil

Any Soulfist mains? :open_mouth:

Probably getting nerfed in August Kapp

Dont worry that aint regular, either the boss take increase dmg or the soulfist had setup gear for one big boom.
its like 2 bill on ape, ape dont have a increase vurable periode, but it was with lots of tries and with domain stat and everything to do max dmg to stagger enemey.

As a soul fist main, this makes me happy, but at the same time i do know that this was basically a “stars align” kind of moment. plus from what ive heard is that he/she also used specific engravings that boost the dmg in that particular moment (like the boss taking more dmg when staggered)

Regardless it is pretty impressive to say the least. But i have seen korean players crit on average with 1-2 billion in some fights with a proper setup… which is still insanely good ofc.

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Boss take 30% more damage + esther weapon + dominion + broken bone + whale.

In comparison an igniter sorc did 1.2b with doomsday + 1b with explosion

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Double doomsday or jusy 1 doomsday?

Is this bug on their server ? How this damage is even possible and nobody from SG seen that ? If its normal how huge dps is possible in West version ?

This is pretty much the highest amount of damage you can deal in the game with literally everything maxed out.

Look at his buffs and most likely running some weird engraving.

bard damage buff + food buff + personal + esther 8 double thirain (i think…?) + broken bone3 on staggered + drugs (adrophine) + dark bomb if you’re wondering

As in doomsday did 1.2billion and explosion (fireball skill?) did 1b totalling 2.2b damage. The boss died after those 2 skills so idk how much punishing strike would’ve done