Split Lost Ark into 2


so my idea was to make Lost Ark more interesting for PvP Players.

PvP should have a much bigger role into this game. Basicly it’s all about adding more different kind of awards for playing PvP. For every arena mode a seperate kind of reward maybe and stuff like that. You are the creative guys ;D

The achievement system might be another way to improve pvp. Unique skins for certain playstyles. Most basic what I can think of is a unique PvP skin for playing a certain amount arena. Not sure how the matchmaking works but depending on team comps there could also be unique achievements. But they are so random, that this must be obviously very wide spread addition to the whole game. But nice randomness creates joy. So it might be worth it.

To me: I started with grinding a lot content. Now passing the 750h mark feels to me like I simply had too much of this grinding content. For me the silver bottleneck - which came very surprising to me - killed the tention. I feel like I’m done with PvE for a long time. But I still love the gameplay and I’ve always been a PvP player in games like WoW or GW2. Through the tiers I wasn’t perfectly minmaxing so I missed the silver lack. What ever.