(SPOILER LORE) Lets talk about Ladon

When u kill Vykas,u talk with wei and him mention Ladon as a potential new lust commander,who Is her?

Another wrong translation by AGS durinng westernization I guess, I believe thats Echidna ( formal lust legion commander before Vykas, who was betrayed by Vykas) that wei has mentioned. They could had just changed Echidna’s name to Ladon, or it could be just wrong text put by AGS ( Cause I think Ladon is other random npc mob’s name, but not sure)

(Fan art of Echidna)


fun fact the localization/translation stuff will all be done by the developers aka Smilegate and not AGS. AGS is just a publisher, they handle marketing and community engagement. AGS will feedback issues with localization for SG to then fix or ignore.

Sure they blackfaced Gideon too… bro… what AGS ask, SG do

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asking for black representation is totally different. If there was no black representation in the game people would cry about it.

I suppose AGS translated Vykas to be referred to as male in the whole game? And also to have NPC’s refer to wardancer as a male when it’s quite obviously female. A company that has zero developers working on the game can’t really make changes to dialogue within the game.

It seems like not SG, or AGS or who knows. Lets ask them whats happening to these localization stuff

Okie seem like Localization team ( at least some of them) are the members of AGS. So shall we now stop’ AGS don’t have power in Lost ark’ shield?