[SPOILERS] What is your favorite story arc, and why is it Feiton? JK [SPOILERS]

So, as title implies, what was / Is your favorite story arc of all the continents, and your favorite thing about it, and why has it made you like said continent/ story arc the most?

I’ll start,
Feiton - Hands down to me their best effort with the story-line so far, everything in Feiton screams adverse conditions, the plants, the animals, the church, literally everything is out to get the Delains, and the Avesta still have not (most of them) lost sense of purpose and morals, they don’t blindly hate the outside world while the opposite could be true. My favorite character from the Delains so far has to be Levi for just being a “dude” who grew up here, but also forced to make hard choices, and boy oh boy can we talk about what a gigachad badass Zaika is? Had a salty man tear for his memorial service.

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Feiton is truly one of the best arcs so far, the cutscenes were incredible! my current fave is the search for Kadan, I hope we get to see more of him in the future

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I have not gotten that far yet need to do Zinnervale Island first, but looking forward to it. @nyrnaeth

That being said, Lostwind cliff incident and the Luterra war was pretty good too, from those points the story seemed like it had a bit more weight to it, and I can really say I started understanding Armen a bit more with all the Feiton context, my current speculation theory is that he will backstab Kharmine and get some redemption arc, and perhaps Thairaine will help with that.

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Can’t really decide.

I liked Rohendel until I had to help Azena to stop Gherdia. I liked him and could understand why he did what he did. Demon influence aside, yeah, that’s bad, but his point about Xeneela still stands: nobody seems to have an interest in restoring it. RIP Rohendel, made me like Ealyn when I didn’t like her actual.

Yorn was a funny story. Noooo, Fjorgin - argh, here we go again xD

Feiton, I had high expectations, but well. I liked the story, but it wasn’t enough background given. What’s the whole deal with Sacria and the Red Moon? Come on, I’m in Feiton now and need detailed information now, nowhere else. I liked working as an Avesta, but really, it wasn’t explained much of Feiton, Delain etc.

Punika can burn down to the ground, the worst island/continent/story I ever experienced. I’m a women and this whole waifu island OMG, I already hate those victim girls in rl. Nothing against waifu im general, I can bear it, but Punika was an overload.

So I guess best story is Yorn, but only because it had no downsides like Rohendel and Feiton for me.

My favorite is actually Annika - and it has the coolest title

@shisuichan I could not agree more about Punika, after Feiton it was immersion shattering :smiley: , I get the need for comic relief after some heavy hitting stuff, but Punika could get deleted and replaced with 3 islands as if Tsunami took it down, and I cant say I would miss it.

lmao a tsunami :skull: punika really was a tad strange storywise… i like the connection to the guardian thing and the omnium stars collectibles, the map is pretty cute as well but the whole harem feeling is very gross they could have easily skipped the ‘invite every single girl into the festival oopsie’ and everyone would have been better off for it tbh

For me there is no favorite story line part. The whole story is a stereotype story of good winning against evil. No twists, nothing u cant foresee before it happens. But I like the yorn story line. Its goofey and funny, Nothing here takes it serious, the more drunk you are the better :smiley: I enjoy playing that arc with my alts!

Including all the side quests, I just love Arthetine. I also love the design and style of the continent, with Stern being my favorite city.

Rohendal was also epic.

Every story arc had bad parts and I wouldn’t call any my favorite. But there was always characters that I liked, for example Sasha and Kadan.

If we are talking about worst one tho it has to be Yorn.