Spot what's wrong with this setup

Idk man, ive seen just as many 1460+ with domination, expertise and endurance even splits, 2 multi tier negative engravings and green lv 40 accessories so…

Honestly, our bar for people is so low anymore we reset Valtan right off the bat if people cant break his armor on the 1st and 3rd pillar break, if people cant be bothered to do something as simple as throw a bomb when asked they certainly are not going to live to ghost phase.

Between this and the bots man

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Well that’s the problem with Lost Ark… the game doesn’t explain things at all, and you HAVE to find info on the web.

That engraving looks a lot like one of my alts, except for the attack speed is only 4 and I don’t have ‘increase mass’… cant remember the rest of what I actually have. And my toon is only 1365.
I will never use a stone, or item that will bring anything into the red above 4… never!

To be fair its preferable not having any reds, but having a lvl 1 is not a big deal if you are on a budget or something. I mean its definitely worth getting that extra engraving at the cost of 2% attack, def or ms.

I bet they STILL got mvp over you.

some of my valtan mvps, show us some of youres, ill wait

Nope i got MVP with 39% damage dealt and it was 7 dps and 1 support.

lvl 1 Grudge and lvl 1 Cursed Doll is much worse than 2 x lvl 3 Defense reduction…

Nope i was trying to bring awareness that is better to put x2 engraving in engraving slot for one x3 rather then have all the engravings with high negative drawback x1.

Youre fine its just dumb asmongold viewers blowing up the replies, we keep screenshots to slap them back down because they dont actually play the game, they just mail daddy thier gold and watch him fail HM Valtan at 1490.

Youre post is spot on and valid at all ilvs.

No your post is about someone with not that good engravings and stats with a “I don’t loose my time explain to ppl” but you are here making this post about this guy so now imagine you would put this effort to explain to him. maybe you would win /win

i made a post awhile back stating, these are the clowns i get the BOOT from in partys…and these players take my place??? like wtf kinda logic is going on…

and like someone said here;

right ??? ! i go waste my pheons and gold to get 4x3 also on my alts because they will be at XXXX for awhile, and get party’s with these clowns at high ilvl 1420+…im beginning to regret it tbh lol

I don’t play casual valtan.

Thats why I solo guardians on my alts aswell as my main, it got to the point where my low level alts at like 1325 were doing 70% of the damage in guardians.

you dont play bruh, you just talk, its cool, lota you kids now

I only play hardmodes not casual modes we go hard up here not soft

That’s seems like a ideal engraving set to me.

My friend told me he met 1325 altillerist with master tenacity lvl 3 at alber raid. Got his hp low enough to activate the engraving but he chugged potion right after.

They purposely did this
No way someone lucky has every negative engraving at 1-2 points
No shot