Squall vs Ice Shower

Sorc mains, which of the 2 counters Squall vs Ice Shower do u take and why? Also why do u think 1 is better than the other? Would like to know ur thoughts coz they’re so similar.

I think it is just pick what you like.

I like squall range and option to make it further.

Ice shower is going to keep you close to target if you are going to use as counter.

(not a sorc main but it is 1 of 4 main candidates)

As far as I know this is a personal choice,pick the one you feel better using It .
In term of numbers and at level 4 and 11 squall is slightly better and at lv 7 ice shower . Difference is small so your choice should be based on what you like more.

I’ve tried both on various content and conclusion is it’s a personal choice, as each have their pros and cons.

Squall have longer range and easier to aim (for me at least) as it’s directly in front of you. But cast time is slower and you have no protection if you mess up.

Ice Shower is faster cast but need to be closer range. You can also get super armor with a tripod. Although personally I did initially struggle with the arched hit box, which may or may not be a good thing in situations where you are a bit off angle.

I thought the ice shower had a broader range and squall is very narrow compared.

Also the super armor u get with ice shower is only while casting so if u missed the counter by using it 2 slow, u’d already be hit right? It’s like the only effectiveness of it is if u casted it when the boss wasn’t counterable and he charges u.

Depends on how you define “range”. I’m referring to how far directly you can be from the target for the skill to still hit (i.e. length-wise). But if we are talking about how wide/big the skill hit box is, Ice Shower has more “range” than Squall.

Yes the super armor is during cast only. It’s effectively to protect you if you are too slow on the counter timing. For example on Deskaluda, with Squall, if I miss the counter, the bird charges right at me and I get knocked up/down. Whereas with Ice Shower, it flies right past me.

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