Stagger damage and positioning

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I am still confused about stagger damage. I read quit a lot and people told me how it works, but there are so many diffrent versions out there, I still don’t know what is true and what is “urban legend”.

The questions are:

  • Is stagger damage affected by your position relative the target? And if yes, how exactly?

What I heared quit often is, that attacks in front of your target deal more stagger damage. Some parties are even convinced, that if they place Wei in front of Vykas for example, that it deals higher stagger damage.

You can find this on internet:

“Front Attacks deal 20% bonus damage and have 10% increased neutralization (Stagger, Weak Point).”

Even when this is true, my interpretation is, that this only applies to skills that have a “Front attack”-tag and that this could be the reason people think they have to stagger in front of target (even if their stagger skills are back attacks)

Anyway, I am sure Korean Pro’s have tested this and have accurate information, I just could not find it… :smile:

Could you please enlighten me? And btw, I think 80% or more of the players do not care about their position to stagger the boss, means either the majority of people don’t know how to stagger correctly or the 20% are believing in an Urban Legend.


Front attacks do deal more stagger dmg, and yes, this only applies to skills that have front attack affix. So almost all the time, the position doesn’t matter at all.

I don’t think Wei has a positional preference.

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For Stagger, yes.

There are 3 atack types. Back, front and everywhere (hitmaster)

Back gives 10% crit chance 5% damage
Front gives 20% Stagger and some damage don’t remember the exact number.
Hitmaster = nothing.

That’s why pala mains got sad with the last balance patch cause they changed holy sword and exe sword from Front to back attack - meaning 20% Stagger nerf on support pala.

The weak point, as far as I know, don’t get enhanced by front attacks.

Unless youre a destroyer