Stagger description

Is there any option in game to see what stagger lvl skill got in pvp? Is it in that way that if skill got stagger: low, mid, high is considered as hard stagger in pvp? And if has not not any stagger in describing is considered as soft stagger in pvp?

This is one of the many mistakes smilegate did with pvp. The cc/cc resistance system and more mechanics have almost no ingame info, and we ask why there aren’t new players coming to pvp ?

CC (PvP stagger) and stagger values given in a skills description are two completely different things. Esentially stagger values dont apply in PvP.

But is the way to find info about it? What kind of stagger skill got in pvp?

From what i know there is no ingame infofor that. I might be wrong but seems so, unless its hidded in some god forsaken sewer in Arkesia. Ask your best friend goagle

the only way to find out is by testing.
some skills have soft staggers, some are hard, some can last 0,5s some as long as 1.5s
this is in party why this games pvp will never be good