Starlight Isle Quest Chain

I was on the part of the quest chain where you go to Facility X-301. After killing robots for 30 min and never dropping the third item, I abandoned the quest thinking it was bugged. I then tried to reacquire the quest, but it has disappeared.

I tried returning to Starlight Isle and Runaways Isle and none give the quest back. Is there a way to reacquire the quest or is the island token to longer possible to acquire due to this bug?


i have the same problem would be nice to fix it somehow, this is not the only quest i abandoned and cant re pick anymore

So I have returned in each location after daily reset. The middle part of the quest has reappeared (the one on Runaway Isles)

have you logged on alts? becouse i ve been told you can continue the progress on the quest chain on an alt