Start of a good week




They went crazy

real gold
defo not an rmt one

I do 3 push, 5K, 10K, and then 15K. after that i stop bidding.

Yesterday got Random lego for 3K and Lego select for 15K

Then the guy who won it selected Wei Card.



50k is nothing to someone who knows how to earn gold in this game

that is not an rmt amount by any means


yes, and 300k playerbase was actual playerbase
I agree


people don’t realize this pack worth 100k+ when you’re going for los 30. I’ll delay any prog to get every selector which vastly reduces rng


50k is what i make from crafting and leapstone sales alone per week

rested caligos on 6 chars gives me more than 50k a week too i think

if i would miss only 15 legendarys for 30 LoS i would also bid 50k on smth like that (i mean i never saw one in my chall abyssals since release of them but yeah)

If I had enough on hand at the time I’d go up to 50k also.

crafting what exactly ? i am new and 50k a week is a dream right now

Mostly consumables used in raids bombs / grenades / ts pots, the trick is knowing when to sell them

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Usually these packs go for 20k or so, but if someone just needed 1 pack to finish their LoS18 or even better, LoS30, I could totally see myself paying that much for the last card.

It’s rmt. Legit players do cards last after all lvl 10 gems 100 quality gear 5x3+1

No legit sane player will waste 50k gold without having the char minmaxed first.

And legit players can’t minmax because it costs 100 million gold.

Therefore, rmt.


:clown_face: keep rationalizing to yourself

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Imagine being that lucky lmao

wrong. idiots maybe but cards before full 10s