Start of a good week

There is no way you will get los30 before lvl10 gems if you just “play the game”.

Real Money Trade = RMT maybe he puts it in the same standard as someone whaling or spending a huge amount of money.

By the looks of things, he is right… Noice good amount of stuff right there.

I paid 60k last week as I am very close to LOS 30 and many hard core players too, so 50k is very fair price as it is worthless to many who pushing LOS 30. You can spend 43k worth of blue crystals (950) on NAW to buy Mari packs and still not get single LOS card.

except theres plenty of people that hit los 30 and are still rocking a mix of 7s and 9s.

l’m 9 cards away from los 30 and have been slacking on card runs + didn’t buy many mari shop ones. even at 50k a select pack thats 450k gold for

1.15 / 1.08 = 6.5% dps gain = 69,230/1% dps

surge is an 8% dps gain over a level 7 for as of right now 570k gold
= 71,250/1% dps

blitz is your 2nd highest cast which is a 2.2% dps gain over a level 7 for as of right now 570k gold
= 259,090/1% dps
absorber is even worse. cleaver, void, windcut, moonlight are all even worse so.

you don’t go full 10s before cards if you care about efficiency

the jump from 80s → 100q is also in the 6 figure/1% dps efficiency range and 5x3 + 1 if you’re actually targeting it is among the very last gold sinks in the territory of bracelets and esther which are a completely different animal when compared to something as “cheap” as cards

Man, and to think those korean bigshots played the game hard core for 2 years and barely hit los30 a couple of months ago, yet na/eu is setting new standards in this game by having half the servers hitting los30 before one year anniversary by just playing the game.

Saintone hit LOS30 by year and half of playing the game without buying any Mari pack or doing card runs. So i won’t be surprised with people hitting LOS 30 in a year as we have fast release of raids, NA people grind card runs alot + buy mari packs. Not saying any average player can do but most LA players are no-lifers playing and bussing in game 24/7 and others are just Swipers who can buy all packs from cash shop + RMT mari shop easy.

BTW let’s pretend it actually happen and it didn’t involved $$$.

The best explanation I can give is that when Smilegate gives away stuff… they get much better stuff than us. I assume this also includes card packs. 1 year and 1/2 of those giveaways.

We are barely a year.

most braindead statement I’ve ever seen

Los 30 is 6.5% dps gain for all your characters not just one and for all skills compared to 1 gem.

Nice take

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highly doubt that’s possible knowing card drop rates hovers around 2.5%-3% and most of those cards aren’t LOS.

Need some crazy selector luck

I personally got LOS 30 in september using 11 selector packs (lucky on selectors)

I even doubt you lol, you must be a one lucky bastard.

4k card runs? full mari rare buy? 12 south verns? the smartest player did mari card buy earlier, now i see al lmy friends rushing los 30 paying 4.5k blue crystal when my average price was 600 haha

im the farthest from lucky I had to use 11 selectors and I had 30 extra dupe legendary cards

I mean gold value gone down too, when you paid 600 that time your income was too low compared to now and RMT prices are also low.

no relatively speaking gold value not that much higher right now vs back then esp as busser

for some reason players like to see immediate gains and not long term gain so they whaling all their gold on quality and lvl 10 gems like that spulberizer guy

I played the long game with LOS 30 and now I am focusing on gems/quality when we have more gold

It is, before not much to sell and less raids and now people have 12 alts, I personally sell 60k/week worth of leapstones alone full rested, I make like 150k-200k/week just from drops and 18 raids, no bussing. Back then it was 20k-35k max when crystals were 600. Also I did tripods on my 8 alts when when it was announced and crystals were only 350g and still was expensive according to gold income. Also back then we all were gearing alts so there were no disposable gold but now I have nothing to spend gold on except honing taps with bound mats.

maybe I was a bit ahead of the curve. My gold income barely changed from before vs now because I primarily did bussing gold not selling mats.

I did 18 raids full bus, rested leapstones and I was making ~150k a week. Now I make about ~150k a week still but no bussing. With bussing maybe 250k-300k a week.

Back then blue crystal were 600-700 with disposable gold (since you only hone on bound materials) now its 4k. Always smarter to buy bc stuff before

I mean clearly you got lucky as I know many people who been swiping since launch and still not los30 but very close including me, I have weakend kuku, nineveh, Sian and Zinnervale at 13-15 copies. Calling your luck as skill of being ahead of curve is stupid ngl. You talking like that stone cutting pattern guy on reddit.

my luck was on selectors lol.

I have 10 zinnervale dupe when I got my los 30, everything maxed out


total extra card when i got my los 30 done

lwc 30 was long done in august

is that really luck Sounds like your friends just swiped and didnt put in 4k card runs worth of effort (not counting legion raid and argos)

41 extra legendary card when I finish los 30 (not including wei) and all those maxed out cards you see here

Yes it is possible, if you spend your gold on card packs since day one, stop talking bs

Kanima took about the same time (1 and a half year) as a 100% free to play he didn’t even do any card run lmao it is totally possible to get LOS 30 as a f2p player

So what is your point I don’t understand? So you getting los 30 is pure skill?