Start of a good week

no but by no means is getting los 30 by september considered lucky. it’s lucky if you didn’t buy a single mari card pack or didn’t buy a single whale pack

but if you didn’t do a single card run and only swiped till now, you shouldn’t be getting los 30

4k card run is 120 legendary card of which a significantly higher portion is los vs random leg card pack

For me I give up doing dailies and did card run instead for a long time → thats why my friend alts are all much higher than mine and I can’t hone weapon high since no shards or leapstone. Thats on top of mari rares and swiping the 3x+1 packs

Well Kanima play LA as job and try to get every free card packs he can from time gated content . Not everyone play LA 10 hour/day.

So? i just said it is possible i never said you can get it playing 20 mins a day lol
Also, i told you he don’t do card runs, imagine doing card runs on 10 characters x 1 year

Yea that makes sense if you are doing card runs non-stop you will have LOS 30 way faster than others but I don’t think it is the efficient way and the best way to burn out. I tried that for 3 weeks on 8 chars and only got 1 los, that shit was annoying back then because of 4-man dung bug too. but I should go back as bug is gone now. We use to spend more time on lobby bug instead of running dung.

And you paying 60k gold per selection card.

You guys are giving out an example of 1 year and 1/2 in version much more “giving” with their giveaways.

We are NOT even a year.

I give you this with very lucky rolls it is possible for F2P to get LOS 30 in a YEAR. The most possible answer for most players that are willing to spend money… is that they are spending money to get there. I think the pictures show it clearly.

with 24 character slots? Yeah, he is definitely free to play the game.

Well I just said above that Saintone did it in year and half without swiping so I never said its impossible either but getting that in NA in 11 months without card runs and Mari shop is impossible.

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definitely not worth it doing card run. I did it on 12-14 chars a week but I had a static group that did the same with me so it was much faster vs mm and slightly faster vs PF.

I didn’t really burn out luckily since i gave up other things (guardians, etc) but there’s a reason why I still don’t have 12 igniter books and 12 surge books to this day →

It is possible if you are super lucky, but with card runs + mari shop is totally possible without luck.

The luck of getting los 30 without card runs and mari shop is same luck as winning lotto.

Same luck as getting a 9/10 stone yeah, still possible and you would also need to get every single wei by yourself

Let’s calm down ladies.

If you actually played Season 1 Lost Ark, you would know Card collection wasn’t even that important. You used to Duel NPCs with cards, not collect cards for LOS 30.

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And the “leapstones” were time gated kekw

This is why LA needs to take a lesson from the Witcher event and we all can play Gwent

Problem solved, the players win, Geralt wins, everyone wins

These people playing themselves having all alts in the gutter because of getting LOS30 early lol.

i would spend my real gold more on cards selection than 100% fail hon

Ouch the burnnn

Yesterday normal leg car pack sold for 38k, what a surprise. I think 38k for non-selector is such a waste ngl.

Highest price I’ve seen so far for lege selection pack was 8k.
My initial and final bid for that pack is 5k.