Started to download the Game

Hello All,

Very excited and came here to announce that i have just started downloading the game :smiley: the beginning of this amazing journey has began.
Its gonna take 15 hours to download but luckily will be finished just on time to be able to play tomorrow :smiley:

GOod luck to you all


same! WOOOOOO!!! :smiley:

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it says 30min for me xD

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hahah Lucky you with the Fast NET :smiley: but no RUSH haha

2.5 hours for me!

1h here :smiley:

downloading now on 1 gigabit internet started couple of minutes ago about I am about 5 out of 57.1 GB downloaded so maybe take another 30 minutes or so to finish at this rate.

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7h, ty for vdsl T.T

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i have a good 300MBit connection but it downloads only with 140MBit… xd how many of you are downloading LA and throttling my download speeds? xD

I’m in NA and I don’t have a download option yet.

close steam completely even on system tray and restart it.


If you don’t see the option you might need to restart Steam. But normally it should just pop up.

57.1 Gigs space needed, ~40 minutes using 200Mbps connection.

Update: on 1 Gigabit internet speed, I started download at 12:06pm currently it is 12:12pm and I am at 30 GB of 57.1 GB downloaded so it’s going pretty dang quick.

Edit: started at 12:06pm, download finished at 12:19pm now to wait 23.5 more hours :sob:

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Let’s go

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its done let me in lol


22 more minutes!

Guys we have to wait faster for tomorrow!


I wish I could get speeds like that! And I have one of the fastest internet connections where I live, or at least thats what I’m paying for T_T


haha damn i m on 1 mb internet lol

Only took a few mins to download, lets hope the unpacking is just as fast! :smiley: