Started to download the Game

hahah thats pretty crazy so you must have finished or close to finishing by the time i reply to your message. Here its still 13 hours to go but again you have to wait the same as me for tomorrow’s launch haha

Oh no, I’m so sorry RIP lol

Already done downloading… but it dosent matter am i right :frowning:


57.1 GB download in progress.

yeah it took me about 12 or 13 minutes start to finish to download the 57.1 GB on a 1 gigabit connection, the only reason I posted about it was to give people an idea who may be at work or have similar connections what to expect.

Might be worse in the evening though when lots more people are online downloading.

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yeah the download speeds are getting slower and slower… xD

Only 11.5 MB/s on 1Gb/s internet from a country that they dont publish in :wink:

i hope you didnt link your steam acc with the forums … :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s wrong with doing that?

they might want to track you :open_mouth:

because he is admitting publicly to download the game from a country they are not publishing in xD

OH for some reason I swore it said you were replying to me not him, I gotchya.

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So, are we gona get some patch notes whit more info on the game? me myself im interested to know if we gona get all the engravings versions there are in Korea, i dont want to main a sorceres that is missing half her important engravings…

35 min :D:D, GJ !!!

They are welcome to do so, then I can sue them for breaking EU law.

Started to download and now getting “App not Released” , not sure if this is an interesting way to saying it is not ready to play until head start O.o

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I mean if we’re getting madness for zerker I think it would be safe to say that we’ll be getting all of the engravings that are currently in KR. Patch notes are hopefully coming soon


getting the same


13 min for me :sunglasses:

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It probably means that files are still encrypted and tomorrow at release date everyone will be able to decrypt them, so faster PCs will get in faster. Game folder is empty after download is completed soooo :crazy_face:

Good luck with tomorrow’s race.