Starter pack claimed during shop maintenance, items were never received!

I have purchased the vanquisher starter pack yesterday on steam, the product did arrive in my product inventory however there were some market issues and it threw an error stating the market is too slow try again later, when I logged back my starter pack was gone and it is not in my inventory either. I am aware that there are similar issues concerning the packs not getting delivered but in this case after the steam purchase the pack was correctly delivered it disappeared after an unsuccessful claim during shop maintenance.

I did contact several support at this point, none of them helped me solve the issue simply wanted me to wait for the pack since it “might” reappear, I did try identifying game files via steam but as mentioned the product was delivered. I do not think that this is the same issue as the late delivered packs, but the support did link to a four days old topic that seemed to be resolved Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory, after half a day later my product is still missing though, and I was able to claim twitch drops during this period of time so the inventory is working correctly.

I did confirm that the support is able to look into my currency data (blue crystals and market history so there is a way to confirm I did not receive what I’ve paid for, is there a way to get a new pack or get the original back since steam is not allowed to issue dlc content refunds.

Server: Kadan
Character: Alaricbell

Does any support read this threat?

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Hey, did you got the vanquisher pack? I bought it monday 14th and It’s still missing, same problem as you, tried to claim then dissapeared with the ship in slow message, Kadan server too.

I’m getting tired of this shit already, neither steam nor amazon helps.

hi there, im in the same situation here, its been one whole week since i bought my vanquisher pack on steam and still nothing received. Didn’t contact support yet tho since they’re saying that a patch coming this week is supposed to fix missing items issues (and since i’ve seen everywhere that everyone is having issues with support with steam and amazon).

Server : Calvasus
Character : Aznadoll

No, unfortunately I did not receive anything yet. I have contacted the support several times, most of them simply recommended to restart the PC… :upside_down_face: or contact steam to solve the issue, I’m sure they should know steam has no rights provided to manage their in-game content.
I have a ticket that I requested a week ago, but they did not respond so far, tried to contact them once, they haven’t even look at it yet…
I have confirmed they can check our inventory, currencies and market history so it should be quite easy to confirm we did not get the product we paid for, I understand that they are working on a global fix but I have no idea why they can’t respond for so long.

they can also just give you a character you’ve deleted and all but i still didn’t see any date for their patch which is a bit of a pain :confused: . Lets just hope it comes soon because buying something 60 bucks to get nothing isn’t rly fun.

Yeah amazon and steam support just “ricochet” the problem to each other and no one solves anything. I have not seen the supposed post about this issue because the shop is working fine now but I still don’t have the pack…

I was redirected to a certain post many times, I believe that was about the delayed packs and not the ones we actually got but disappeared after an unsuccessful claim. The support tends to give the most average answer with some “we care” bs but I still had to go through 5 support until someone actually aknowledged this is a new issue. I’m quite afraid.

So our situation is not even being taken care of how awesome :confused:

Well, it wasn’t a statement just my fears after being ignored for a week, I’ve just confirmed and the ticket is still pending… :sweat_smile:

Hi there my pack has finaly arrived ^^ thanks to the team for the work !