Starter Packs Enquiry

Are the Starter Packs available for all the chars made on the account? or server?just the 1? As I have bought the Vanquisher Starter Pack.

Unfortunately i just started playing 2 days ago and was told by my mates about this so i missed on the founders pack :frowning: Or i would have bought it in a heartbeat!

Cos i was thinking about making a new char to get a feel of a different gamestyle that im also familiar with but i wasnt sure if thats how the Starter packs work or not,


All purchases made on your account are redeemable one time on one character only. Your UI will display a claim tab on the top left corner of your UI that you can open and claim whatever you purchased. This will also be reflected in the game at some point in the process of the claim (don’t recall which step) where it will warn you that purchases made are only redeemable once.

So that means ill need to buy another Starter Pack if i want to switch servers?

As i wanna switch to a New server with a higher pop of players in my timezone

Not wanting to switch regions just Server on the same region FYI >.<

Or is there a way to Xfer the char i claimed the Starter pack on to a different server on the same region?

Hello @Neemz,

While mounts and pets can be shared between characters within the same server, unfortunately it is as @Selaa mentioned:

All purchases made on your account are redeemable one time on one character only.

Even if you were willing to buy another starter pack, you will only be able to purchase one of each starter pack per account:

Also there is currently no way to transfer your character to another server.

Aww… Cos i bought on steam and i heard you can only buy 1 starter per steam account…

Is there a way for me to get around this? I dont mind buying another starter but can i get the limit increased by 1?

Alot of this would have been easier if it was disclosed on the packs D=

If you have a starter pack on NA West, can you also buy a starter pack on NA East? Some of the wording of things in games suggests that this is considered as a separate account, but I’m not entirely sure.

Idk with that… just Staying in NA…

Euro too much ping haha