Starting Fresh, I'll bite the bullet but need help

Hello there,

I would like to start by saying that I’m really enjoying the game, and I’m really happy to see it grow. I’m sorry you guys are having to deal with so many problems due to this popular launch, hope you can make it through on the upside at the end.

I have bought a Gold pack and invested a few hours playing the game. My friends didn’t and decided to wait for the F2P launch. We knew this could mean long queues and all that jazz but the server lock was a bit unexpected.

I’m a bit frustrated I have to admit but I’m willing to bite the bullet and start over with them on a different server… it’s fine, I just wanna have a relaxed time with my friends. But currently, I have a problem and was hoping you could assist me.

  • I have bought the Elk mount, 1700 crystals, for my character.
  • It is to my understanding that mounts and other customizable items are server bound.
  • I did NOT KNOW or WAS TOLD that we would have server locks.

And this is where my problem resides. What can you do here for me?

Can my account be reset? Can you have my mount transferred to my new server? Can you give me the mount on the server I’ll move to?

I don’t want the crystals back, I don’t want to trick you into giving me more currency. You can even keep the bonus crystals you are giving away with the server move. I would just like to have my mount with me on the new server I end up in.

The whole situation is unfair for both parties, I understand that. But you must also understand that I, as a customer that bought a product from you guys, have the right to request assistance and a solution for this problem. If I HAD BEEN TOLD that locks would happen, I would have not spent my crystals, but alas… things happen.

All the best for whoever reads this,
Have a wonderful day.

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I have a similar issue. I made an account on a server my friends were all heading for but now they have locked it. I bought the lvl 50 chest for that character and got ready to play tonight. Now my friends have decided everyone is going to move to a different server because half our group are not able to create characters where we are. I don’t want to lose the 1100 crystals I paid for this chest and it’s not my fault that I am being forced to make a decision that either loses friends or money through no fault of my own. I had no warning that even though I got in early I should refrain from doing anything with my character for a few days just in case they were going to close my server. I woudl really like it if I could move that chest to a new character with my friends. It makes me scared to invest anything now because I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.

I feel the same way. I bought the mage costume on Trixxion but now I want to move to a different server and dont know what to do. I understand that with the Redemption thing going on we can get the pet and Skin back but it doesnt say anything about the 4k crystals or the things we have already bought with them. I hope a mod answers soon.

I understand that there might be no plan of returning the other contents of the pack, and I made my peace with that I will not complain. But we should at the minimum least be assisted further with a transfer. My progress is now down the drain, it’s ok… just a game and I have much to explore yet, no rush. But we have the right to have the items back, removed and crystals recovered, or whatever you would find appropriate to recover our situation back to a proper fresh start.

The problem here was that there was no prior warning to the locks happening from start. :frowning:

If any mod is out there that can assist, please say something as it would be much appreciated. Roxx has enough on their bag already I won’t poke them.

Help, please? :frowning:

EDIT: Quick edit, we decided to move on to Antares server, reminds us of Antaras from Lineage2 :smiley: , anyway. Please update when you have some time, would be very appreciated. Have a great time guys.

EDIT 2: Character creation has open on Thirain!!! Im so happy thank you so much guys! Love you all! Please feel free to close this post! everything is sorted now! :smiley:

Did you get the mount back?

Nothing changed besides the fact that character creation now becomes available when server queue times aren’t crazy. So that meant that my friend managed to create characters for them on my server yesterday night and now we are all together :slight_smile:

So I ended up staying on the same server and didn’t need to move any assets to any other character.