Starting to wonder if the bots are being run by Amazon, Smilegate or Tripod

I have a new char that I used knowledge transfer to level up. Because it annoys me to leave all those quests undone, I want the experience and the books for the char, I went back to Lutera to finish all the side quests. Starting at Prideholme the bots are obvious. I dont just mean sort of obvious but a skunk spraying your face obvious. They run up to an NPC and stand in the exact same pixel so they take up the exact same space. I sat in the castle in Mount Zagoras for 20 minutes writing this post and the stream is constant. Nearly every single player is obviously a bot. The bots are destroying the economy, causing changes to the game that only hurt legit players and yet stopping them is simple.

The company could deploy half a dozen Customer Service agents to prowl the zones and issue suspensions of the accounts with a click of a mouse. Any account that doesn’t appeal the suspension after a couple of days you ban. This is easy, takes no tech and would result in the improvement of this situation. Combined with some means of 2FA and bans this would solve the problem.

The question is, since they clearly aren’t doing this, what can we infer from this?

How obvious is it? Here is just a sample.


They do quest rather well.

Makes me jelly they never get bored ;(


Indeed they do. Precision!

With some still around from months ago yeah at this point it just looks like them

it literally takes 20 minutes to write a script that bans a player that is being blocked by other players xxx times in xx minutes.
but no … lets ban the VPN to stop real players from playing … we got their money already so we dont give a damn


They still even spam with the same “coupon code” messages. Zero effort has been put into stopping this.

It has been pathetic. Been months…

So, how can we hold them accountable?

Do we use our time as leverage?

Fix bots or spend no more time in LA.

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It is curious that a decentralized forum can make such a sophisticated bot software two weeks after launch, avoid countermeasures and put out updates to the bot program immediately after a each patch.

When a whole studio of developers at one of the largest corporations in the world that hosts the largest development service on the planet, AWS, can’t figure this out.

If they want to manipulate the market… just do it programmatically… no one wants to see these bots and spam.

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And be honest about it.

Sheesh now I am in a queue of 827 on Enviska. I wonder how many thousands of those players are bots?

It’d never get used because people report 5-10 bots and just give up on the entire thing.


What wouldn’t get used? Just have a CSR, a human, anihilating the bots. Heck, I will do it for a moderate price.

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The script suggested in the post I was replying to.

Wasnt suggesting a script. Was suggesting people employed by the game to do this.

You weren’t the person I was replying to though. They’re a few posts up.

Take of the tinfoil hat. Botting/Exploiting is a very large market. Especially overseas.

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Added the video of this. It isnt tinfoil hat, it is either negligence or willful.

Once again in a 20m queue on enviska at 10pm pacific because of bots.

It’s sheer staggering incompetence, coupled with penny-pinching. The CMs have been forced to say a couple of times that there are no GMs because it “isn’t in the budget”.

Pretty soon Enviska is going to be 100% bots.