State of game after months of break

I thought I’d stop by to see how Lost Ark was doing after quitting the game a while back (after valtan & glavier came out) because of the severe lack of game development going on, severe lack of content, drip feeding classes, horrific end-game rng, no pvp with your mates, etc etc the list goes on.

Its hilarious to see that in all this time they have managed to release ONE class… an absolute embarassment, so glad I saved myself the thousands of chaos dungeons runs I could have been doing, if your still doing it, get out while you can, it feels great!

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You quit during argos. Then theres been multiple classes then.
Reaper (is out very soon)
Summoner (Dec)
After summoner all of the original “adv classes are out for the current base class list”
After that is artist and aeromancer which are part of the new Specialist class.

Also you leave out 3 legion raids, a host of events, All of KR’s global honing buffs, balance patch, 2 new guardian raids, CDs up to 1475, etc.


If Argos is hard for you then never come back. =))

And yet you came here to visit.


U forget challange abys/guardian 2x ark pass alot events etc etc.

@OneekaTanyaMaraj but yea blame the game or something

But i think u just trolling hoping to get some reactions.

You can’t complain about class cadence when you’ve barely played 2 subclass builds without touching anything else. New classes on top of classes that you haven’t played is a zero sum. Unless of course you’re an Artist connoisseur in which case it is a shame and definitely a mistake from the devs

Besides that I get it. Vykas doesn’t count since she’s more like doing a school test and Clown is heavily gear and skill gated with nothing in between really. Kunge doesn’t count either sooo nothing much has really happened here. This is also why our guild dried up when we got Valtan into farm…

Sorry I meant valtan. Forgot all the names of shizz :smiley: Arcana was next to be released when I stopped playing and since then Machinist? I wish the game was funner I had high hopes, just saying if you were like me and were on the edge of playing or quitting, believe me its a breath of fresh air after u stop ^^

Most MMOs don’t even get 1 class a year lmao.


Or 1 class per expansion.

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Or 1 class in 3 expansion …


This is the vibe from OP…



how to quit if you didn’t even really play the game Chatting.

I don’t understand people like you. You must very young to think this game has severe lack of content. The amount of updates and new content we get compared to basically every single other MMO or ARPG is absolutely nuts.

I have a friend who quit this same way. Literally got to ilvl 1325 and quit. Never even tried Argos, basically did one run of guardian raids. Never even tried Oreha Normal mode lol. What I’m getting at is he literally didn’t try one end game piece of content and says the same BS you are saying “Wish the game was funner”. Essentially looking for a reaction with no plans of coming back.

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Lmao more like state of players still lurking in forums.


and can’t play game because they have to work 2 jobs to feed their family.

and yet they on the forums. pretty sus. Full time forums troll must be that 2nd job.

just leave already, there are other games

The game is in a really good state right now. With two new classes on the horizon and a super hype raid coming next month. I don’t know what more you want

We want cheaper blue crystal price.

You have image.

Keep going.


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It’s a perfectly good game.

Just that once you’ve done something once or twice it’s stops being fun. Then you have to do that thing 900,000 more times.

Chaos/Guardians - You’ve been running them since you finished NV story on like launch day 2. Sure the Guardian itself might change but it’s never been anything more than a 2-5 minute murder of some poor creature. These poor creatures in T3 have been pretty slow to change, a part of me dies inside everytime I queue into Flappy Bird or Super Turtle.

Legion Raids - Fun to learn, but when you are into like month 4 of repeat killing Valtan/Vykas multiple times each week it is no longer exciting at all. The moment you enter you just want it to be done. Clown is no different, Brae won’t be any different. You’ll learn it (which will be fun) then you’ll re-run it for the rest of your life.

Challenge Guardians / Abyss - Nothing like rehashing content while also stripping you of all the work you’ve done to actually power up your character.

After that what? Thunderwings? Basically whatever your daily/weekly checklist is then sit in Punika and complain on the fourms.

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