State of game after months of break

Imagine thinking this game lack content… there is so much to do.

Here is someone trying to seek validation for his own boredom

The problem of Lost Ark isn’t the lack of content. It’s more so that specific content for progression takes up so much time and is so monotonous at times that your ability to get variety and do non-progression focused things dries up. You’re left with the decision to hold up your progression and fall behind others so that you have the time to do island content, collectibles, PvP, etc, or you do your legion raids and your dailies and wonder where the time goes.

I think it’s a really big issue for why people are so on edge in legion raids. They feel the heat of weekly content and the progression curve. They want to not get left behind as ilvls go up, but also want more variety in their day to day gameplay.

Your day has more hours than mine or smth? I play I play a 6 char gold roaster +1 sad sharpshooter who got replaced and barely get all my weekly done until Tuesday. I don’t even get all chars finished with chaos dung + guardien in workdays? Only time I write in the forum is when I’m all ready in bed, way to late tho, and can’t fall asleep immediately, lol!

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Minus Legion Raids, the week is done :rofl:

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