State of Kungelanium!

People are greedy as F
Why do u have to stockpile ur battle item boxes
Like are these people … or something ???
I have 5 alts that do Kungelanium / Turtle
Main on 1510 one alt 1475 and 3 alts on 1460
AND i still have 200 + boxes of each of them
Like are u people stockpiling ur Boxes for Lost Ark 2 ???
I never leeched a single turtle since it came out and ive been doing Tirtle every day since it came out
So now 1 flare or pheromone bomb or corrosive costs 15 gold u buy 2 of these per day its 30 gold per day and i do that on 5 characters so i spend 150 gold daily to kill Kungelanium 5 times - so its basically 5/6 Greater Leapstones of value and in total from 5 characters u get what 75 of these on avarage
Me and my 3 friends que 3 man most of the time because only we have 5 alts in the guild above 1460 and when i see a 4 th random dude that did not use a single battle item we warn and vote kick this guy - AND we always WE ALWAYS say at the start P1 or P2( pheromone 1 or 2 ) or C which is Corrosive , If some of us uses a Flare u can see that obviously

If u DO NOT use corrosive bomb flare or pheromone bomb/ write at the start what u gonna use im 100% warning you and voting to kick you
Im sorry but I DO NOT SUPPORT EL CHEAPO players that are basically LEECHING

Edit: I do use party finder sometimes i do
I did Kungelanium just now 20 minutes ago on 2 characters twice full PUG group
I said in party finder FCPP ( Flare Corro Phero x2 )
AND OF COURSE there is this one SNOWFLAKE Berserker with full 10 gems ( Visa enjoyer ) of course which did not use second Phero bomb
The other people from the group got “angry” they warned him and kicked him
I DONT CARE how much damage u are doing u can do 80% if u do not use Battle items and u EXPECT other people to use it instead of you because " You are the hard carry that does huge dps " … you dude u are still getting kicked as it looks like

Second group was totally fine Kungelanium died in 3:25


Use find party and let pple play matchmaking how thay want. Hope they start to ban toxic pple in matchmaking. No rules about use or not battle items, but yes about harassing. Record kunge and sent to staff, stop kick pple in matchking, go find party.


sorry, I used mine progging helltan.

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People only use this for making parties for Legion Raids / its very rare to see regular groups for turtle in party finder at least on my region

Still no rules about “using or not battle items”. But if u dont let pple play because battle item, record, send to staff and ban. U have to let pple play, with or without battle items.


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Go find party. Let pple play. Stop being toxic. They start ban that attitude. Just record that.


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I have to kick all pple without weapon +23 with quality <90 without 5 eng, they waste my time. CMON


No i go to find party, FPPC, pick 1490+, 5 eng, weap +21 min. But who want go to mm, let them play. stop being like that,


Its totally different world u talk about right now
Dps is not the same thing as USING Battle items and commiting to the boss mechanics

Im hard Into Battle item sells ( like i have Mushrooms worth 500k gold in stock)

Also i manipulated the EUC market, hardly the last 4 Weeks , got normal Mushrooms from 17 Gold to 70 gold a stack in 6 Weeks now

EUC battle items cost 20-30g per

i can understand why people dont use battle items :slight_smile:

Im a Bard , and i can say i dont matchmake i just make groups with title " No Battle items allowed except flare" party fill ups in seconds, and i never need more than 5:30min per Kunge

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Valtan is not mm, is a find party, hallo, can u wake up?

Its the same mechanic as turtle
Turtle still has Stagger turtle still has ARMOR TO BREAK turtle still runs away like every guardian same LOGIC

So, 1460 with +19 weapon, quality 40, 4 eng, if u use battle item is fast, OK.

5:30? Jesus you got no alts aren’t you? :smiley:

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I say only, go find party, i do kunge in 2 min, with battle items, but if pple go mm, with randoms, why they have to use that? for a 5/6 min kunge? XD
How can you enter with random and expect to do fast if you don’t even know what people you find? as if it all depended on the battle items. It makes sense to use them if you want to do some quick runs with a synergy party. The matchmaking by definition is not an organized instance. Get people to play and go to the party finder.


YES at least he commited to the fight !!!
Dont blame him he does not have 5x3 YET !!!
And Quality in this game is a scam its only a goldsink for VERY rich people

My 5 gold alts stay at 1430 , cause its stupid atm to push them further atm, they to Descaluda and close to brel i will push them to the Brel Chaos Dungeon , Turtle isnt worth if you need 1-3 Pots ( thats 15-45 gold) + 1 -2 battle item ( 15-50 gold) for a few extra leapstones/Guardian/Destro/fragments which arent worth more than that 60-80 gold + way more time

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