State of Kungelanium!

If you click matchmaking you get what you asked for. Finding party for kunge literally takes less than 2 mins and you have good F P P C team where everyone knows how to use consumables.

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I agree but if I kicked because I didnt’ use battle item I also won’t whine like all those crybabies here. Just 1 guardian raid out of so many you do why come forum cry? just move on. I been kick boss rush before because of 1325 alt no damage but i move on and not come forum cry like big baby who wanting his mommy

I don’t have the same amount of time as I used to before employment, but every time I come home from work and encounter one of these degens in mm who think they have the power to control other people I always find it entertaining to marvel. To go from working alongside adults who know how to regulate their emotions to playing alongside adults who squabble like children and try to enforce made up rules in a randomized group in a video game… this is why no matter how dire and serious they try to be about their issues, I just can’t take anything they say seriously. Rhetorical question but do they even know how funny their problems look to people with obligations and responsibilities outside of this game?

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Im within the same boat sir, the ‘ideal’ condition would be everyone uses their respective battle item in kunge, but sadly in matchmaking there is “obligation” or rules to do that, no matter how much you complaint, there will be various reason for non battle item user to justify, i rarely use find party because it also takes time to gather people (sometimes takes about 5-10 mins, that’s 1-2 kunge clear on itself) and i just wanted to clear it quickly because i have other alts to play :rofl: , if only everyone is like minded or at least have the KR mindset there is not even needed to use the find party fiture :grimacing:

I only use flare and pheromone on Valtan

Joke aside, try find a full group like minded. You and your friends join pub games, you have to accept there are cheapos. Deal with it!

l don’t even open flares or pheromones cause l need those boxes to open timestops, sleep bombs, whirlwinds, and sacred charms :frowning:

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I don’t care if people use battle item in kung but why they have to come to forum cry like baby when they kicked? Move on so sensitive just 1 kick and you complaining typing 100s of reply on forum need your mommy to come save you

Why don’t you tell that to the OP who created this thread to cry about people not using battle items?

If you are tired about how matchmaking is in Kungelanium, then just go in solo :slight_smile:

It is fun and you can practise your skills. After you hone your skills, you won’t need to buy busses anymore :3

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only classes that can actually solo. but supports cant. anyway supps can get away with not using items. They are welcome to kick them.

Matchmaking with supports go fast.

If people wanna use battle items it is good and makes it faster. But if people don’t wanna use battle items, no need to get angry at them. It is optional in the end. Also this is a game that is not being governed, so there are no enforcers to uphold rules that are written of how to play.

To be honest, just be polite to each other and try to smile while you play :slight_smile:

You’re leeching as well with those backpacks 1460 alts that are doing 0 damage and nobody is whining about that. If you want standard, you have PF for that.

Been to Kung with my Bard alt. MM, so I did not cared about consumables, because who does when you do MM…you are not saving time, you are playing with random people that can do 5-30% of the DPS, you never know.

Some dude accused me of being cheap and so on, wasting his time or what not. People are just dumb and hypocritical. Other than that, the typical “Why are supports such an idiots” and “You never gave us DPS buff”…did it like 3 times.

I may just do for Deskaluda, because dealing with those idiots is sometimes out of my pay grade.

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where do you find these people

i matchmade a kungel yesterday and people immediately stated their prefered battle item

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oof 530 per kill thats 2 mins more than it should be.

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Must be saving all their flares for Clown.

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my 1460 alts do more damage then ur main probably so stop talking such bs

most people use battle items. Very rare to see parties that don’t use battle items in MM. Whats not enforced is just fppc which is fine. Non-battle item users are very rare in MM anyways so I don’t really care what happens.

Maybe 1/30 runs one person doesn’t use it (usually corro) which is perfectly fine. They’re lucky the other 3 filled the battle items necessarily. Usually the people who don’t bother using battle items don’t do damage either though… and usually newer/lower roster 1 character player. The ones who geared their chars usually use items since they likely earn enough gold to suppor item usage.

That’s my observation, battle items aren’t enforced in mm but, most groups use it anyways and very rare to see someone not use it. 1/10 runs someone doesn’t corro, 1/100 runs 1 phero is missed so its w.e

hitting crit without adrenaline? impossible

actually false. quiet people are anywhere from useless to carries. battle item users are anywhere from useless to carries. no battle item users from what l’ve seen are usually middle pack. battle item enforcers however have always been garbage in my runs. literal bottom dps doing 1/2 to 1/3 of what they’re capable of hitting with their gear

12 turtles a day since release and l’ve seen a grand total of 2 battle item police that weren’t worthless annihilator level players and every other would make you question if they were dropped down a flight of stairs as a baby and now need a helmet and velcro shoes to do anything outside of their bed