State of South America

I haven’t played in a quite some time, and I was thinkin of coming back to the game, however, as the title implies, I’m playing on the South American servers. When I quit the gold to crystal situation was bad compared to other regions, but now its just…

Can’t say we didn’t warn AGS/Smilegate about the lack of regional pricing leading to a dead marked, but hey NA players said we should get fucked because the our real world economy is in a bad shad.

Is there even a point of going back to SA? 3-4k gold for 95 crystals…
Maybe starting over at NA is the only choice for anyone who wants to play the game again.

Oh yes, the lack of any news on the localization of the game also makes it so a big chunk of brazilian players never get into the game

It’s 3k gold for 95 crystals in NA. Not much of a difference…

NAE was 1800 last night, so I think only NAW has breached 3k.

Why NAE is so much cheaper than NAW?

More whales is my guess, I also think there are more bots on NAW, which might in turn jack up crystal prices cause of RMT.

Exactly. And that is the reason why SA so expensive. Less whales and more f2p Players who need the Blue Crystals from the low value on Whales.

Thats why AGS/SG cant make there anything. Since its on the Players to pay or to not pay.

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