States claimed GS, but got no rewards

I have accepted the ghost ship Una’s daily quest at reset time. We had no chance on our first try today because there weren’t enough people. So I tried it again later, in this try everything went fine. Procyon states that I have claimed my rewards, but there are none and Una is still unfinished.
Procyon says that if you leave the area then you won’t get rewards. I have unterstood this, that you won’t get rewards for this run. I haven’t checked Procyon before the second run, maybe there was already the message that I have claimed it. But this would mean, that you have always only one try and if this fails you are doomed. Is this a bug or pure pain?
Or is there a special way of quitting so that you won’t lose your try?

Yes. If you fail or leave for any reason, it counts towards your weekly lockout and you don’t get anything.

Dumb system.