Static Group albility to raid ruined by queue

Title says it all, the long queue has ruined my statics ability to raid.

I am curious how many other groups were impacted by AGS/SG inability to handle this situation and if players think they should receive some form of compensation?

I am on the fence in terms of compensation goes, I see both sides. What are your thoughts?

I could definitely see a new mokoko pet in your future!

Also, sorry for your bad time. Just meant to be lighthearted :slight_smile:

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It made me laugh and I appreciate the response. I’d be ok with a pet :slight_smile:

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I seek the deletion of every single bot in the game as compensation, and I will forgive AGS/SG

I’ll place you in the tough to please camp, but I feel you! It’s embarrassing to have a server/queue full of bots, keeping real players from enjoying the game.

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