[Static][EUC] LF 1 Blue GL for HM Vykas, Valtan and future raids

Static is long-term for HM Valtan, HM Vykas and future raids. Hell modes will be considered, however clearing HMs has priority.
We are a chill, competent group enjoying raids together. We cleared Vykas NM on release and G1 HM. Currently progging HM G2. We use guides, no blind runs. It’s ok if you are starting with Vykas for the first time


  • 1460+
  • 4x3 engravings and proper stats
  • lvl 5-7+ gems
  • know how to play your class, come to raids prepared (read guides/watch videos)
  • discord VC is mandatory, microphone is not but preferred

Raid days:
We do a weekly poll to select day/time where everyone’s schedule aligns. The poll includes all days of the week starting from 20 CEST and afternoons during weekends. We are flexible tough if on specific days there might be problems to join at the exact time. We usually have at least 3 raid days available to us each week.

Current P1

  • Sorc: 1477
  • Wardancer: 1462
  • Gunlancer: ???
  • Paladin: 1460

Current P2

  • Wardancer: 1462
  • Blade: 1462
  • Berserker: 1477
  • Paladin: 1470

Add Anath#0001 on discord for more info and to share your character’s screenshots :slight_smile:


Looking for a blue gunlancer instead of looking for a gunlancer just gives away that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

You do realize that as far as the other members of the party are concerned, it’s irrelevant which spec the gunlancer is?

Both specs run bash, taunt and shield from blue skills that affect teammates.
Red has way more destruction, stagger is around the same and damage is similar even though it’s completely different because blue is consistent and red is burst.

Not to mention how in Vykas raid blue having 0 swiftness can become an issue because they’re so slow for mechs.