Station normal mission (ship) question

So i’ve unlocked the 2nd ship “Estoque” but when i’m trying to send it on a mission it says
“There are not enough concurrent slots to deploy”, what am i missing?

oh i see i have to level my dispatch station to lvl3

and did u find out how to upgrade to lv 3?? there is written what do u need for Lab 3, but nothing about Dispatch St lv 3 :confused:

Complete Dispatch Station Lv. 2 research at the Lab
And reach Stronghold Lv. 17


ah ty. The stronghold lv is whats messed me up. I keep forgetting stronghold level opens next tier. Leveling stronghold is slow after you have nothing else to research in the level your at. Making materials and sending your ships out is only stronghold exp grind I see atm. well thnx for the info.