Status for EU server queues/matchmaking - give us an update!

Dear Amazon/Smilegate RPG,

The first three days as a preorder player were glorious. Since then it has been an absolute shitshow to be an EU player that has ties to an existing server.

Today is the last straw - 12k queue while logging in at 13.00 CET, still 2k in queue 5 hours later. This is a joke. What are you doing about it? Where are our options? We are invested to the server we play on by our founders packs and we will not move without having access to our purchased stuff.

We are your paying players. Stop ignoring us and give us options - opening a new server region was a good first step, but you need to follow up with free server transfers, duplicated preorder packs or something to give us an incentive to restart our game.

Regards from a very frustrated player who feels the founder prepurchases were a total waste as it stands.