Stay the course

Pref. : *Rallying for the creation of a short-lived event that allows honing materials roster wide for only — 1 day.

I want to say the developers/Publisher have been very kind with rewards and implemented catchup mechanics since Lost Arks release a few months ago. The free founders pack handout for those who purchased one was extremely generous and I for one — am very thankful :pray:

With the recent patch release introducing “Express Character”, and with what seems to be a large amount of players either not reading thoroughly enough, or arguing it is the fault of the SmileGate/Amazonians for not being transparent enough with explanations on how the system works the player-base doesn’t seem too happy. If we’re being honest though, the thought of receiving even more free rewards makes most of us pretty click happy, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Roster Honing

I believe the creation of an event for the soul purpose of allowing players to use excess or stale honing materials that are ‘bound’ and not ‘bound to roster’ to progress will be beneficial for both players and the developers. This will of course be an event with a very small window of opportunity built on top of a couple of months of hype leading up to it to guarantee external community awareness.

With that said, Introducing a new event with an extremely narrow window of participation I know will not only help player retention, reduce potential developer losses, but also bring back players who felt let down by the honing systems current state and/or by spending money in order to progress to BiS.

Expanding : Impact Investment and potential for unrealize capital gain

Returning players may get lucky with their honing attempts which will result in them continuing to play Lost Ark rather than leaving when the event ends. These types of players typically don’t mind spending money on cosmetics… The returning players will also now see the newly implemented Ark Pass, if not previously aware, and may then be able to rationalize spending an additional $25-$30 dollars (premium) or less (super) seasonally. The idea is that once players have a taste of BiS or close to it, they won’t mind spending more money on skins, or even honing materials. One of the reasons WoW had such amazing player retention for such a long time was the investment players put into it over the years.

Leveling a character from 1 to 50 is a shared investment, everything after that is non-guaranteed as the player still relies on the games RNG, but giving players an extra chance to earn something that isn’t easily accomplished is a growth-style fund that will have players waiting for more content. Obviously giving everyone BiS would see losses, but I’m not suggesting that to be clear. You are already in a short-squeeze (players leaving aka short sellers due to rising security prices aka players realizing they have to spend money for progression), so buying back your stocks at a lower price NOW (offering incentive for players to return) would result in a net gain over the time/funds it would take to create an event and the potential funds loss due to player departure in the last 2 months since release and at the same time make players happy.